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  Mon.-Sat., 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. CLOSED 1-2 PM daily for lunch.

CLOSED on Sunday and all
Holidays.  VALCORE accepts all CRV Beverage Containers plus the following materials for donation. Please sort materials as listed below:

Household Batteries

Batteries are commonly used in cordless telephones, camera equipment, radios, flashlights, watches, clocks, shavers, personal stereos, CD players, remote controlled toys.
We do not take car batteries or any other lead-based batteries; please take them to Recology Vallejo at 2021 Broadway, Vallejo. (707) 552-3110, 

Cardboard, Chipboard,
 Brown paper bags

Manila envelopes, paper towel/toilet paper tubes. Chipboard (like cereal    boxes) if grey or brown when torn.NO waxed, plastic, or foil coatings
Flatten boxes, please

Cartridges For Kids

We accept empty inkjet and laser cartridges, used cell phones, used eyeglasses and PDAs.
 These items can be dropped off here during donation hours.
Brochures, slick/glossy advertisements.
Big catalogs must be torn into smaller sections

Clothing and Textiles

Clothing, bedding, purses, shoes, belts, pillows etc.
Items need to be dry and bagged. They do not need to be clean.

Paper or hardback books

Any books including textbooks and encyclopedias
Donated books will either be put in the ReUse Barn for others to enjoy, sent to one of the organizations we support including and Operation Paperback, or recycled. is collecting books, especially school aged reading and textbooks to send to Kenya where they are trying to establish libraries. Operation Paperback sends select paperbacks overseas to our service men and women.
Office paper
White and colored paper, construction paper, FAX paper, NCR paper, envelopes (windows OK), Post-it notes, file folders with gummed labels removed. NO stickers/adhesive labels, carbons paper ream wrappers, tissue paper, paper plates, paper napkins, or paper towels.
Please open all envelopes and remove contents

Shredded office paper

White and colored paper.
Keep in clear secured bags
Glass bottles
and jars
Clean food and beverage bottles and jars   Remove lids and sort by color: clear, brown, and green (paper labels OK). NO window glass, drinking glasses or dishes
Rinse out all bottles and jars

Plastic bottles
Look for the symbols on the bottom of the bottles as shown. Only translucent # 2 HDPE plastic
Remove lids, rinse and crush bottles
Aluminum scrap
Clean foil, pie pans, some cat food cans, windows screens, non-CRV aluminum drink cans.
Test with a magnet. Magnets will not stick to  aluminum.


Ink cartridges, cell phones
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